This is today’s Mozambique, but still with the charm of the past! Over the past decade and more, Mozambique has developed into a true tourist mecca with all the ingredients of a perfectly rounded holiday with everything you look for: magnificent beaches, watersports, nature, art, historic traditions and legendary seafood!

Mozambique, and the archipelagos clustered around the mainland, couldn’t be any closer to that fantasy vision of a perfect island holiday: from the crystal clear, calm water to the wide, snow-white beaches and swaying coconut palms, Mozambique has it all! The teeming waters circling the islands are prized as top-notch sites for snorkellers and scuba divers who not only want to capitalise on the magnificent aquatic underworld, but also live the good life after diving. Whether in the vibrant capital city of Maputo (previously Lourenco Marques) or at a funky or sophisticated beach bar on one of the islands, there’s action or relaxation, whichever takes your fancy.

If you’re looking for a dream island getaway, wake up to the natural paradise island of Bazaruto, where bird life tops 240 species, fishing is first class, beaches are breathtaking, and the snorkelling and scuba diving are superb. Rivalling that are the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, where you’ll find the ultimate escape in azure waters and ‘wish-you-were-here’ perfect beaches.

In Maputo, only the best of the Portuguese colonial past lingers, providing an intoxicating Euro-Afro vibe with pavement cafés, live music and first-class seafood restaurants. The traditional Portuguese peri-peri splashed over giant platters of crayfish, prawns and calamari - that’s reason enough to visit this captivating city!

The visual charm of the port city of Maputo lies largely in its old town, with a maze of narrow streets, turn-of-the-century buildings, and numerous street traders with their fascinating wares: exotic spices, nuts and knickknacks. Ambling through Maputo, you’ll find the architecture provides clues to the history of the people, the city, and indeed, the country of Mozambique.