The 115 islands of the Seychelles Archipelago, scattered over an area of more than 400 000 square kilometres, are referred to as the ‘last Eden on Earth’, a fitting description for these enchanting islands. The islands of the Seychelles are a dream holiday escape – they truly must be among the most achingly beautiful places on earth and are mostly unspoiled, with almost half of the Seychelles landmass being set aside for conservation and the protection of her unique species of plant and bird life. Here too, the oceans surrounding the islands are marine sanctuaries, which is why the Seychelles has some of the best deep sea diving and snorkelling in the world, as the diversity and intensity of the marine life has been protected.

The biggest island, Mahé, is the main tourist destination, with 75 beaches, some long and sweeping and others just tiny coves, tucked between granite boulders. Praslin is the second largest island, and is a mere 15 minute flight-hop from Mahé. Other islands might feature only one single lodge on the whole island!


Seychelles is out of the cyclone belt and enjoys stable weather all year round. From May to Oct temperatures are slightly cooler. From Dec to Mar the temperature is more humid. The lowest temperatures are in Jul and Aug at an average of 28°C. Mar, May and Nov are the hottest months at an average of 32°C. Sea temperatures vary from 28°C to 29°C.